Become a Digigrapher

Digigraphie Embosser

Become a Digigraphie® artist

  • Equip yourself with a printing solution which complies with the technical terms of Digigraphie. Accredited Digigraphie® Resellers are chosen for their recognised skills and their real involvement in the Photography and Art markets, and are specially trained to provide printing solutions and training for photographic artists and painters. Click here for a list of Accredited Digigraphie® resellers.
  • Complete training in the creation of Digigraphie® works of art by purchasing a Digigraphie box from an accredited Digigraphie® Reseller.
  • Sign the Digigraphie Artist Charter which the artist commits to comply with the technical and moral clauses.


Once the signed Artist charter has been received, Epson will provide, via the Accredited Digigraphie® Reseller, the artist with an embosser to mark and authenticate their Digigraphs. This embosser can be customised to include the name of the artist on its lower half the name of the artist on its lower half.

A permanent gallery for you to visit

Once the signed charter has been received, Epson will provide an access code to allow the artist access to their own gallery, with the ability to personalise their own pages. Here each artist can reference their work and display a representative part of their portfolio of Digigraphie prints. This service is free and access to the site is free for visitors to the on-line gallery.

Artists can also provide information about their current exhibitions and give links to their personal sites.

Using a laboratory

Artists can also use a laboratory to produce their Digigraphie prints. A network of Digigraphie Providers has been established in order to allow artists to make prints with the Digigraphie® quality label. This network is composed of renowned professional laboratories and lithography studios.

The artists will benefit from having their works of art referenced on the official website in the same way as thint/die self-equipped artists. The stamp will be that of the digigraph provider and not the artist.